Wednesday, June 12, 2013

First June Poetweet Post, thanks to an amazingly beautiful and more amazingly talented actress in our midst.  

June's topic is Parks and Recreation. There are many kinds of recreation.  For those of us who work all day, sometimes just a drink with friends is like a small vacation.

Happy Hour 

You’re dancing down the sidewalk toward our evening;
summer in your hair and open smile.
Too long the time and far too many changes
since we said we’d meet and share our lives. 

At the Fairmount, sparkled conversation;
the tingled sting of icy gingered drinks.
Faces flushed with eager, shared connections;
two women, strong and happy - on the brink
of expectation for the coming chapter
in our lives, already overflowing -  full and rare. 

We leave the warm sorority of this hour,
refreshed from work and home and other cares;
walk home through summer’s rain-washed, ruby air.

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