Friday, October 4, 2013

Saga of the Apartment Dweller

         RENT.Too much. Quiet. Too little. Freedom from serious investment, no name other than home. #htspoetweet
The recent tweet, above, inspired the following poem.


Smell of others’ ethnic cooking.
Sound of snoring through thin walls
and music not at all my choosing.
Late and early—banging doors.

Windows like a guillotine.
Stairs, too many. Oh, my thighs!
Rent, too much, but less than mortgage.
Quiet, too little.  Still,  it’s home.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Well, it's October and although the topic for the month is "trees" I can't fault our socially conscious Heights-ers for focusing on political themes instead.  This tweet came in and deserves a response.

#htspoetweet So many people are not working but have jobs. US suffers #CongressionalShutdown while elites play games.  

Lament of the Government Worker

Some of us are called to service
working for our nation’s purpose.
Our individual self-worth is
satisfied through social justice. 

Our government was founded
on the rights of opportunity.
Democracy is grounded
on the principle of liberty. 

I ask you now; how free am I
if, as I serve the public realm,
my government declines my pay
while Congress refuses to man the helm?

Tweet me your thoughts #htspoetweet on this or trees or any aspect of life in the Heights. 
Your friendly neighborhood Poet Laureate, Kathleen Cerveny