Heights Poetweet Project 2013

Kathleen Cerveny, appointed Cleveland Heights, Ohio’s sixth Poet Laureate in April, 2013 by Heights Arts, is an artist, poet, grantmaker and arts advocate.  Each Poet Laureate in the program’s 8-year history has fulfilled the mandate to infuse community life with poetry with a unique project.  Cerveny’s idea, The Heights Poetweet Project, is an opportunity for people to participate directly in her creative life by tweeting.  Each month an event, location or topic relating to life in Cleveland Heights will be posted by Heights Arts through various media, and residents will be invited to tweet their feelings, reactions, memories, experiences, etc. related to the event, topic or location to the Poet Laureate @#htspoetweet.  Cerveny will use this material to create one or more poems which will be posted here.

Calendar of Heights Poetweet Project events and topics:
  • Spring Tweets:  May 4, 10 am.  Meet Kathleen Cerveny at Daffodil Hill at Lakeview Cemetery for spring tweets!  Rain or shine, but not if it’s snowing. 
  • Parks and Recreation: June 1-30  Tweet feelings, reactions, memories, and experiences from Cain Park, Forest Hill Park baseball games, Cumberland pool, and other outdoor activities.
  • Stayin’ Cool: July 1-31  How do you do it in July?  Is your idea of cool a temperature, or an attitude?
  • My Vacation or Staycation: August 1-31  Tweet Cerveny from your vacation, or however else you’re chillin’
  • For Renters Only: September 1-30   Tweet Cerveny about your apartment or rental house—does it have a name? 
  • Tree City: October 1-3  The leaves are changing colors, and falling.  Tweet about the ginko on the tree lawn, or anything related to twees.

about Kathleen Cerveny

Kathleen Cerveny has been a working artist, educator, development officer and award-winning producer of arts programming for public radio station WCPN 90.3 FM.  A graduate of the Cleveland Institute of Art, she has exhibited her artwork nationally and now pursues poetry as her chosen means of creative expression.

Kathleen joined the Cleveland Foundation in 1991. As the Foundation’s Director of Arts Initiatives she has shaped the Foundation’s Arts and Culture programs, leading major initiatives in public policy, capacity building and organizational advancement for the arts over the past two decades.