Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Coming Home

This poem was inspired by a tweet from a Cleveland Heights neighbor about her experience driving home after a vacation.  Here's her tweet:

Vacation to MI where I was born & raised. My comfort is road signs driving home "East Cleveland" to home, home is Cleveland!!

and here's my poem:

The Sign Says, “EAST to CLEVELAND:” I Read “HOME” 

You flee the routine; seeking
change, adventure.  Finding these
you wish, perhaps, for some magic
that will let you stay – release you
permanently from the  drudgery
of every day events – give you leave
to abdicate the dull predictability of home. 

But you know well that moment
when the glow tips over into longing.
No matter what awaits; piles of laundry,
stuffy house, sorting through the mountain
of unwanted mail - your eyes blink past
each green emblazoned sign, watching
only for the one announcing “home.”

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