Saturday, August 3, 2013

What's NOT Cool About Habitat Loss

I've been away on vacation most of July, hence the paucity of posts.  But this one was inspired by a photo and story that HeightsArts' new Executive Director Rachel Bernstein shared when I returned.  And with the topic for July being 'stayin' cool', her experience prompted this negative take on that theme.  It's an experience we have all had here in the Heights - all too frequently in the recent past - but seen through the eyes of our 'best friend.'


For thirty seconds, he just stared;
confusion overpowering instinct. 

“WHAT!”       “WHAT!?” 

raced through his brain.
And then the barking started. 

Even from the upstairs window
he knew the backyard enemy was big. 

“BIG!”            “WHAT!? 

Bigger than the one who lives
next door and smells like meows.
Bigger than the one across the way
who’s always chasing lawn rats. 

“I would catch them if I could get
out alone. But …WHAT!?” 

From the square of green behind
the white frame house, the deer
looks up, at the familiar sound.
Send me your tweets to #htspoetweet or leave a comment below.  Comments/tweets on the July theme, stayin' cool or the August theme vacation or stay-cation, are welcome.  I'll keep making poems as long as you keep inspiring  me.

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